Photo of Priyam Patel

Priyam Patel

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Hey Everyone, I’m Priyam and I’m running to become your 2nd Year MechEng academic rep. Having spent a year in this department, I’ve experienced the teaching approaches that work well compared to aspects that could be improved to help make our time on the course more productive. Having been part of the Senior Leadership team during Sixth Form, I’ve had the opportunity to work with both members of staff and student body to further develop the school. Organising our Leaver’s Ball (alongside A Levels!) gave me the chance to perfect my management skills, ensuring the smooth running of a successful event, working to students’ requests whilst also keeping to the guidelines as agreed with staff. It’s quite a task trying to find a balance, meeting the collective needs of our student community, whilst ensuring the department can deliver to these needs, but with my experience, I feel that I would be able to carry out this role effectively. I plan to set up an online form, which would run all year round (unlike SOLE), with the opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have as well as putting forward any suggestions that could make life that bit easier for all of us! You will also be kept posted of any specific meetings with module leaders so that directed feedback can be gathered. Finally, it would be my privilege to represent you all within MechEng, hopefully together we can make our course and department that much better!