Photo of Matteo Mecattaf

Matteo Mecattaf

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Dear ME2,

I’m not going to go on about myself, how I’ve always represented my year groups, how I’ve always dreamt about becoming the representative of this and that...because it isn’t the case and you guys probably don't care anyway.

Simply, we've all noticed that parts of our course could be dealt with more efficiently. Getting into what may be the toughest academic year of your lives, it is important that you feel fully and fairly supported. Although it may sometimes feel as though it isn't right to complain, if you are not satisfied, I’ll do my utmost to make changes:

I am developing an "Online Feedback Platform" (just like SOLE) where you can anonymously submit any of your academic complaints/queries (at any time). This platform will be highly categorised (into term, module) so I can immediately bring your submissions up with the relevant members of academic staff and make sure they are consistently dealt with. This is one of many plans I have to try and further improve your university experience at Imperial.

Some of you probably don’t know me. But that’s the point: I’ll treat every single one of you to the highest possible standard, be it in person or online. I'll always make myself available to listen to your academic concerns and strive to make your academic experience the best it can possibly be. If you want these changes implemented, you know what to do.

Looking forward to seeing you around.
Best wishes,