Photo of Mark Eid

Mark Eid

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Hello :)
I’m Mark.

Apart from the school council experience I, and most others, have I think I’d be a decent academic rep because:
a) I definitely take a while to understand most of the stuff we are taught, and also very often if there’s something some of our cohort find a bit tricky or just too confusing, trust me I‘m one of them. Now this may not be the most reassuring admission for an academic rep, but it does mean that during the departmental feedbacks, content issues will be brought up (and hopefully addressed) straight away, without anyone else needing to tell the academic rep.

b) I’d like to reduce the number of lab reports required/the time needed to complete these. Especially seeing as we are so often told not to spend long on a lab report, yet marks are lost just because your caption wasn’t descriptive enough, you didn’t format the equations nicely enough or you went slightly over the word count, despite the fact that these ‘errors’ can take as long to fix as writing the actual content.

c) I’ll listen to and actively bring up any thoughts/recommendations you have. Just speak to or message me, day or night. MechEng definitely seems to be one of the most responsive departments so anything you want to suggest will actually be seriously considered.

So yeah please vote for me. Thanks.