Photo of Diederik Evanson

Diederik Evanson

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Hello everyone,

My name is Diederik and I’m looking to represent your academic interests to our department, our lecturers and the union.

In terms of academics, I was on the dean’s list last year and I attend all the lectures. However, the position of academic rep is more about being a representative than it is about being good at academics. Representation is about being an active part of our student body, interacting with people and understanding the cohort as a whole: all of which I enjoy doing.

I like to make lavish promises as much as anyone, but I will stick to things that can actually be accomplished through this position. As academic representative, I will do my best to ensure that:
1. Answers to problem sets are released soon after the problem sets are released.
2. All materials used in the lectures (handwritten papers, slide shows, etc.) get uploaded to blackboard.
3. The peer assessment portion of the group projects this year are administered fairly.
4. Decisions made by the department benefit our year and the student body is informed about major decisions.
5. MechSpace is only used for socializing and not for studying.

These goals will have a positive impact on our cohort this year. Ultimately, I believe that our department runs our course fairly well, but that doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same way. You know best about how you want to be taught, so let me know how the department can be improved.