Photo of Chang Cheng

Chang Cheng

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Figuring out what we want as a year group is quite the impossible task.

On one side of the lecture hall, there are those of us who stay on top of every tutorial sheet, ask for “harder” Mechatronics progress tests and came here to be challenged. However, if you look a little bit further, you will also find those – like me – who are barely clinging onto the cacophony of information that is indiscriminately thrown at us and just want a reasonable learning experience.
Hence, if you voted for me last year, you’d know that I place an emphasis on communication as I consider myself a fairly approachable person; whether that’s through group chats memes about a certain Fluids lecturer or Facebook DMs expressing strong opinions about the new graded presentations introduced for this particular year, I will ensure an open line of communication with all members of our cohort.
Furthermore, voting for me means having someone experienced, as I’ve had an entire year to know exactly who to spam or annoy to address your particular issue, whilst recognising how far I can push it before my emails start getting ignored.

Finally, if we haven’t had the chance to meet and you are still making up your mind, you will usually find me loitering around MechSpace, so feel free to come with any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading until the end.
Kind Regards,
(Danny) Chang Chuan Cheng