Photo of Calum MacKay

Calum MacKay

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

For those that don’t know me, my name is Calum and I have chosen to run as your student academic representative again this year in order to continue to practice my bias to action through the belief that asking a question is always the route to your solution. So it is important to note - that I am never afraid to do so.

For me this role has been centred on inclusivity and I promise to continue to champion this for all of our ME2 family throughout this year as your Academic Representative.

Throughout first year, I was always surprised at the collective strength of our Mech Eng community, as a year and as a subject. From my experience, this spirit - unrivalled at Imperial - is reflected in the readiness many key staff members have to listen, reflect on and facilitate change quickly within our course and our department.

Therefore, it is important to have the right voice representing our year. This is why I believe I am the candidate who can continue to provide the balanced approach needed in order to make the most of this willingness to listen, while always maintaining the hard line required for our year to be truly heard.

My first hand experience of this pro-active collaboration between representatives and staff is what sets me apart from the other candidates and electing me as your ME2 Academic Representative will see me continue to apply this action in your name.

I have 8 more words - so vote Cal!❤️