Photo of Otter Quarks

Otter Quarks

Mechanical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Hi! My name is Otter and I'm running as an academic representative!

Due to the large size of our year (nearly 180 people), it may be difficult to hear everyone's opinion, this is why I want to enable a situation where everyone's voice can be heard, but also where everyone can get feedback, with total transparency, on what goes on at meetings, what it discussed, and what efforts are being made.

Many of us aren't necessarily from the UK, I for instance, did all my education in France. While France is relatively similar to the UK, my experience of education there was completely different to that of the UK. Many of us come from places even further, which may be even more different. I can therefore understand that people may have issues adapting to the educational system they experience here, and I hope I can help make that transition easier, but I also believe this knowledge of different ways of schooling is an opportunity to improve the quality of all of our education.

Even for those who aren't coming from the other side of the world, I think this year carries a lot of new aspects of life. For all of us. I want to make this experience
the best it can for eveyone, and make sure we all get something positive out of Imperial!