Photo of Isabela Lopes

Isabela Lopes

Mechanical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Hi! I am Isabela (Bela) and I am running to hopefully represent you and our class as the Academic Representative. Back home in my school, I led many changes and was constantly in touch with the academic staff and my principal to make things happen! I take great pride in being able to stand for whatever you believe in regardless if I agree with you or not. As someone passionate for debate (and awarded), you can count on me to defend your interests to the best of my abilities. I saw some people complaining on the group chat about how the calculator policy did not take into consideration the vast amount of experiences and backgrounds that our students have, so that is something that I may (if you agree) do my best to improve. So please, if you have any suggestions; if you feel like you should be getting more support or if you are facing any problems, feel free to contact me!