Photo of Hugo Chu

Hugo Chu

Mathematics: Year Three Academic Representative

Hi, I’m Hugo. I’m running for 3rd year academic rep this year to : MAKE YOUR TUITION FEES WORTH IT.
Here are just some of my ideas for making our 3rd year as satisfying as possible:
- Updating the notes on the MathSoc website.
- Providing more information on module choices.
- Encouraging lecturers to make use of the visualiser. Saying goodbye to blurry writing on whiteboards.
- Creating a discussion with the department to make live recordings available.
- Continuing the efforts to make the marking system more transparent and further improving the level of feedback on tests and courseworks.
- Fixing Panopto by conducting a survey that aims to fix the recording issues in each lecture theatre once and for all so that we get access to the lectures we are entitled to.
Alongside the problems that I would like to tackle I would be open to listen to your suggestions and tackle your academic issues.
If you want to make tuition fees worth it, vote Hugo for academic rep.
Thanks for reading and thanks for your votes ?