Photo of Zhuo Chen

Zhuo Chen

Mathematics: Year One Academic Representative

This is Zhuo (Jewel) Chen and I am running for the position of Mathematics: Year One Academic Representative.

I was the vice president of two societies at high school, dealing with daily affairs including decision making.
I have been a volunteer at college and a member of executive committee in CSSA-IC and successful in holding various career events, when I first entered Imperial.

Having studied at UCL last year, I know it is difficult to show your opinions in such a large group of students. University maths can be hard, and you may feel shy to ask questions.
BUT! Don’t worry if you VOTE FOR ME!
Please feel free to contact me and I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO HELP YOU to VOICE YOUR ANY REQUEST. With my help, all problems will be solved!

To improve the quality of teaching, it is my duty to make sure all actions will be carried out and KEEP YOUR PROGRESS UP TO DATE by taking feedback from you online or in person and meeting the Department Reps and the Student Union staff regularly.

One of my responsibilities is to refer your urgent emergency including safety issues to a college member. Your safety will always be my priority!

We all gather at Imperial College for a fantastic university life and a better mathematics environment. I believe that YOU and I can create a better atmosphere to study and have fun together!