Photo of Xiaodi Guo

Xiaodi Guo

Mathematics: Year One Academic Representative

Hi everyone! I am Guo Xiaodi, but my friends just call me Maggie. I come from Beijing, and I like cooking, makeup, and doing science!

Why Year Rep? I really care about others. I just feel so happy when I can do something for my friends, and even more so if I can help improve the Imperial community. Naturally, when I first heard about the role of Year Rep, I knew this is exactly what I want to do.

Other than my enthusiasm, I am a reliable person in terms of solving academic issues. As a conscientious learner, I closely keep track of module content, thus becoming cognisant of which specific topics my peers struggle with should they need help. More importantly, I believe in establishing ever stronger communication between faculty and students. If you have any academic questions, I am more than happy to coordinate this through various channels!

My previous experience as the student president of my high school's language centre would definitely lend itself to my ability to carry out my duties as Year Rep. As a foreign student, I am able to relate deeply with my peers, given Imperial's highly international student make-up.

Having said that, I think the most important quality of Year Rep is to have the confidence that I can execute my duties. Year Rep definitely isn't an easy task, but it would an immense honour to be able to serve my university this way.

So thank you, and please vote for me :)