Photo of Nicolas Barykin Pankevich

Nicolas Barykin Pankevich

Mathematics: Year One Academic Representative

Dedekind Cuts! Now that I've got your attention, my name is Nicolas (you can call me Nico, preferred pronouns he/him/his), and I hope your first few weeks here at Imperial have been like no other! It already feels like forever, but I remember being perplexed by our first day’s famed Dedekind Cuts discussion. I remember scratching my head trying to understand the Peano Axioms. I remember my confusion (but enthusiasm!) when we first saw Lean. I understand your academic problems and concerns, because they are more than likely the same as mine!

Back in my previous school I represented a student body of almost 700 students as the Vice President of the Student Council, and as head of social and welfare events for two years. With my steady experience, I promise to speak for the academic needs of every sleepy but eager student sitting in Clore on Monday morning.

I will strive to create a streamlined process to provide instant, constructive feedback to lecturers after every lecture (feedback at the end of term doesn’t directly help the student anymore). Learning should also be fun, so I will also set up a maths riddle community forum where everyone can share mind-stretching puzzles to further enthusiasm for maths! Finally, we can buy Loudmouth trousers in bulk to get them for cheaper!

Do let me know if you have any suggestions, either now or months down the road. You can reach me at . Please vote for me for your Mathematics Academic Rep!