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Kaito Arai

Mathematics: Year One Academic Representative

If I understood how Kevin Buzzard's LEAN worked, I would have used it to prove to all of you why I'd be a good year rep to represent all of you. But since I don't, I'll write in prose form.
Also, before I continue further, I'd like to clarify one thing: despite multiple people having asked if I am the "Dedekind cuts guy", I'm most definitely NOT the "guy".
I believe it's important for an academic representative to not only sympathise, but also empathise with any issues that are brought up by all of you. So perhaps it's better that I don't understand either LEAN or Dedekind cuts.
In terms of past leadership experience, I was the captain of my school's robotics team, where I lead 60 people to build a 120 lbs. robot in just a span of six weeks. I've also attended international schools throughout my life, which has taught me to effectively communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds. Considering the large proportion of international students in our course, this will inevitably be a useful skill if elected.
Elected or not, I hope to get to know all of you throughout the year. Please feel free to approach me to have a chat at any time (perhaps in the three other languages I speak to varying levels of fluency, which, in case you are wondering, Japanese, French, and Chinese), and vote for Kaito for year one academic representative!