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Rini Banerjee

JMC: Year Two Academic Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Rini and I’m hoping to be your JMC Academic Year Rep this year.

My number one priority for this year is to encourage more communication between the Departments of Computing and Mathematics. As JMC students, we are constantly shuffling between the two departments: switching between CATe and Blackboard, going to one subject’s lectures while sitting exams for the other, and so on. I hope that as your Academic Year Rep, I’ll be able to improve the JMC experience for all of us by minimising the number of issues caused by miscommunication between the departments.

I plan to send out termly questionnaires in order to keep track of academic issues, which I can then discuss at meetings with staff and Departmental Reps. Aside from this, please feel free to contact me at any time to talk about any problems you might be having with the course, and I will do my best to resolve them.

My past leadership positions (including Head of House and Prefect) have helped me to develop my organisation skills whilst also giving me first-hand experience of communicating ideas between students and staff. I believe that these skills will help me fulfil my role as Academic Year Rep to the best of my ability, allowing me to make JMC2 as stress-free as possible for our year group.

Thank you so much for reading my manifesto. I hope I can count on your vote!