Photo of Nicole Barnes

Nicole Barnes

Earth Science & Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

I’m Nicole, a keen geologist who you’ll probably know from my eclectic geo-tattoos and rock collection.

I think feedback from students is an important step towards getting the most out of our time at Imperial. That’s why I’m running to be your second year academic rep.

Feedback between staff and students is currently limited to SOLE. Although this has achieved positive changes, they are often applied too late to benefit current students. I’d like to see this adapted into a system where change is implemented sooner and more successfully.

In order to make it really easy for you to communicate your feedback, I want to promote an email system whereby this is sent to me directly.
An email exchange will ensure that I gain a better understanding with regard to the changes which you want to see happen and that feedback is rapidly passed on to staff.
I know I can successfully deliver this since I have developed a rapport with staff members through my UROP and ESE ambassador work.

I also plan to hold focus groups once a term, allowing for a group consultation. The sessions will facilitate conversation relating to general feedback or important issues associated with the course, so we can work together as a group to achieve action. I’ll also make sure to bring snacks for those who come along :)

I’d love to be your academic rep, I hope you can support me!