Photo of Hani Hamoud

Hani Hamoud

Earth Science & Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

My name is Hani and I would love to be your Academic Representative this year!

Second year will be a difficult time for us all and that makes it crucial to have a student representing your voice, needs and wishes to bring about positive change in the RSM.

Imperial gives us the opportunity to challenge its way of teaching and takes on feedback to ensure an improved teaching style for our benefit. As your Academic Representative, I want to make the most of this opportunity, take onboard your feedback and ensure effective change to ease the Imperial challenge for us all.

If you vote for me to represent you, I will work hard to make our voices heard and student troubles addressed.

I believe we can make the teaching style progressively better for us during our second year rather than provide feedback which improves a future year. I aim to:

• Ease our university journey by continuously organising one-on-one meetings with lecturers to pass on feedback, ensure short term improvement and bring about real change.
• Collect anonymous feedback, throughout the year, from anyone wishing to voice their academic related concerns at the end of lectures. By gathering these concerns and compiling a feedback form, I will speak to the professor to make necessary improvements before their next lecture.
• I will also push to have the seats in room 151 changed to increase our ability to concentrate in lectures.

Vote for improvement, vote for change, vote Hani!