Photo of Ciaran Beal

Ciaran Beal

Earth Science & Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Here’s why you should vote for me for Academic Representative:

1. Familiarity with the role

As last years Wellbeing Representative I saw the role of Academic Representative in action, so I am already familiar with the responsibilities of the role and how these work in practice. Therefore, there will be no time lost becoming accustomed to the role, just time spent helping you.

2. Monthly Q and A
Formal communication between the Reps and year group is something which needs improvement. So, I propose a monthly Q and A where you can ask questions and have your say on how best to improve the academic situation, for the whole year group.

3. Effective communication of SSCC outcomes

The SSCC brings together staff and Reps to assess and solve the problems affecting students in the department; but what happens as a result? I will ensure that the outcomes of these meetings are communicated effectively to you.

4. Availability of lecture materials

I’ll request that ALL lecturers upload materials to ESESIS prior to the lectures, and that answers to practicals are uploaded promptly post-lecture.

5. Timetabled access to practical equipment

It is sometimes difficult to finish practicals within the time devoted to them. As such, I will request timetabled, out-of-lectures access to practical equipment.

6. Drop-ins

I will request drop in sessions for more difficult modules, to be chosen by you, so that you have adequate time and access to help from staff members, if required.