Photo of Ananya Mirchandani

Ananya Mirchandani

Earth Science & Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Whether you’re incredibly passionate about your course, or still gaining your footing; our integration into this tight-knit community thus far has assured us that the next few years in ESE are bound to be the most riveting years of our lives! I’m positive that I can make that transition even the smallest bit smoother, especially when it comes to academics. Hence I, Ananya Mirchandani, am running for your Year 1 Academic Representative.

Having taken 4/6 recommended prerequisite A-levels (IB) across the 4 courses in ESE, I am able to understand a range of particular viewpoints with respect to different modules. This paired with the interplay of my sociable as well as approachable character enables me to serve as a reliable linking bridge between us, the students, and the academics around us.

My vision for this role is to work towards making our learning environment more conducive and interactive, for example, by [exclusive to ESE Freshers];
- Employing students’ different attributes through scheduled student-led study groups,
- Establishing an online forum to discuss questions, share resources, notes, etc.,
- Introducing a shared online ‘question board’ for each module, allowing students to post questions which the lecturer/ UTAs can address either online or to the cohort during lectures,
- Liaise with lecturers on structured breaks during lectures and light brightness (etc.).

I know it might be a Tuff call, but by trusting me to serve as your Academic Rep, you’d be making a Gneiss decision! Thank you for your respected consideration! :)