Photo of Rasmus Hildebrandt

Rasmus Hildebrandt

Biology: Year One Academic Representative

My name is Ramus Hildebrandt, and I’m running to be your academic representative for the 1st year of the biological sciences degree.

Biology is filled with amusing moments such as standing knee-deep in a freezing lake, looking cool as anything. Whereas learning through lectures, tutorials and further reading can be just as entertaining, many of us will at some point have trouble taking in all the information. As a science, biology requires us to remember information, understand and apply it. Therefore, it is essential for our teaching to be optimised towards these requirements. As an academic representative, I will aim to maintain a strong connection between the department and our year, clearing up confusion and resolving any problems that may arise from the teaching.

Having taken a gap year, I found the time to work in my school’s management as well as teaching an extracurricular biology class. Through teaching, I got an insight into what is needed for entertaining and effective learning, and with my experience in management, I am accustomed to what goes on behind the scenes.
Whereas many of us come to Imperial to study hard, our time here should also be enjoyable. I hope to apply my skills and insights to communicate our needs and questions to the department and help them make our 1st year both pleasant and academically rewarding.

Possibly your future representative,
Rasmus Hildebrandt