Photo of Erica Zhao

Erica Zhao

Biology: Year One Academic Representative

Hey everyone, I’m Erica!

I’m from Canada, and I’m running to be your Year One Academic Representative for Biology.

As a certified snowboard instructor and the founder of my high school's World Scholar’s Cup delegation, a program that inspires a global community of scholars and leaders, my experience has shown me how to communicate and collaborate with diverse groups of people.

To improve your first year experience, I plan to implement three main goals:

1. Understanding lectures:
Ensure that lecture resources are posted on Blackboard and are easily accessible, in addition to printable lecture summaries – we all have different learning styles and I want everyone to be able to understand what they’re learning in the best way.

2. International community:
As an international student, I know that education systems around the world may not be quite similar to those in the UK. To ensure that no one is falling behind due to differences in their education system, I’ll hold meetings with these students to listen and voice their potential concerns.

3. Feedback:
Personalized feedback would be available to students on their coursework for them to know which sections they succeeded in and where they should improve. If a problem on an exam or coursework is consistent throughout the majority of the class, sessions would be held with students and the lecturer to find a solution.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or come talk to me around the campus!