Photo of Aaryan Bhatia

Aaryan Bhatia

Biology: Year One Academic Representative

If we haven't met already I'm Aaryan and I'm going to be standing as the 1st-year academic rep for biological-sciences!
When we all applied to imperial we probably expected the course to be rigorous. That's great, its evidence of the great education we're going to get.
It isn't however, a free pass for the department when we find ourselves confused.
As an academic rep, I will represent our interests and opinions regarding teaching methods and styles. Learning is super hard and supposed to challenge you but with the right communication, the friction between the blackboard and your brain can be minimised.
I am an approachable person who loves to joke around, during my time as a representative you can be sure that I'll use your feedback to improve the course for everyone.
A little bit about me:
I am Indian and I grew up in the UAE. (Dubai gang represent!) I've had the privilege to meet many cultures and students with different academic backgrounds which is sure to help me empathize with my fellow coursemates.
I am into many different hobbies, including weightlifting, martial arts, rap, and horror games. Life at university isn't about studying until your degree is done just to have a mundane career afterwards, its about self-actualisation and developing into the best version of yourself academically and personally. One of my main objectives is to spur this development throughout our course.
Overall, I hope you'll consider me a strong candidate for academic representative!