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Calin Biberea

Computing: Year Two Academic Representative

After failing to fulfil my dream of bringing doggos in the department, I decided to change my plans to do something more realistic.

Last year was quite 'ruff', and that can really be seen in how exams went and well, God Did Not Help Us All when taking the Architecture Exam. From what I know, second-year is going to be tougher, and I think everything relating to PiNtOs makes that clear enough (if the introduction tells you it is hard, boy oh boy are we in for a treat).
I reeeeeally want to make sure we're going to have a good time this year, especially as there have been some changes made (e.g. new lecturers).

I'll be sure to do several things to make sure we have it cool:
1. check that the new lecturers are going to maintain the format of previous exams, or at least get some format on how new exams would look, such that the exam weeks aren't a fully new experience

2. make sure we don't have overlapping deadlines and that we have a decent amount of time for everything.

I'll literally yeet everything I can.

I know I'm not as sexy or effective as RON, but please gimme a chance.