Photo of Maria Terres Morata

Maria Terres Morata

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Year Three Academic Representative

Hey! It’s Maria (once again), as you may know I am a third year Civil Engineering student running for the Year Academic Representative position. After being year rep last year I really enjoyed being a bridge between the class and the department, allowing for feedback and issues affecting the students to be reported and communicated efficiently in order to pursue improvements to the course, while ensuring to keep everyone up to date with changes and developments.

After surviving the hardest year of the degree, we all deserve this one to go by as smoothly as possible. So, my goal is to continue to keep the work up and build on the progress that has already been made! As an approachable and dedicated person I hope to:
- Make sure lectures are recorded and available on blackboard when possible, and the corresponding lecture slides are uploaded in advance to allow time to arrive ready to the lecture, as well as making sure detailed tutorial answers are provided
- Ensure all major deadlines are well communicated and all students are aware of upcoming important events
- Organise revision lectures during exam season
- Work with other academic representatives and departmental officers in order to influence future direction and quality of course

Thank you in advance, looking forward to the upcoming year!!