Photo of Anuradha Kothalawala

Anuradha Kothalawala

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Year Three Academic Representative

Hello dear eligible voters! Winter is Coming, and I would like to run for academic representative this year.

-I vow to further improve the established connections in the department by installing a bat signal that can be used to instantly summon Professor Wadee.
-I can also say confidently, that I am familiar with the names and faces of everyone in our year
[I know where you live ;)] and that I can actively listen to any qualms or improvements to our academic experience.
- I also come with Skittles.
So if you’ve been involved in a coursework related incident that wasn’t your fault just VOTE ANU!! (no win no fee.)

In all seriousness though we have been blessed with amazing representation thus far (shout-out to Maxwell, Dalia and Maria) and I would like the opportunity to make sure this year is just as great if not better. So Pick ANU dummies!! :)

P.S. photocredits: Adam Rhys Turner