Photo of Chuan Sun

Chuan Sun

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Hi, I'm Tyler! I am running for academic rep because I believe it is important for students to maintain good communication with our lecturers regarding our learning needs. I have had many experiences in the past as a representative so I am confident in representing the class and doing what is in the best interest for everyone.

Our course is very content-heavy, so I think it is important for the material to be delivered at a manageable pace. If elected, I will do my best to make the workload balanced throughout the year and ask for rescheduling of important lectures or extensions on deadlines if too many assignments are due within a small timeframe.

I am really approachable, so you do not need to worry when you approach me with any issues you may have. I am also not afraid to raise up issues to the lecturers. For instance, I would ask our lecturers to record lectures if there is good attendance.

Nearing the exams, I will organise extra revision lectures at reasonable timings. Another issue that I want to resolve is the quality of the exam revision notes and past year papers. I want to ensure that clear, step-by-step solutions are provided for the past year papers and if that is not possible through the lecturers, I will try to collate answers from seniors or our peers.

Lastly, I want to facilitate a more constructive study environment in our year, where we help each other with notes and tutorials.