Photo of Changxiao Fu

Changxiao Fu

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Hi, my fellow Year Two friends! I am Jerry Fu Changxiao, probably one of your most approachable classmates. Throughout my Year One studies, I felt that I always wanted to help as many classmates as I could, especially in terms of academics. Therefore, this year, I am considering running for this special and important role to reach out as many as I could. Our academic representatives for Year One definitely did a splendid job. And I want to take over the wonderful spirits and passion from them to create an even better learning environment. If I were elected, I will communicate regularly with the lecturers about the concerns and suggestions raised by you. On top of that, I will also try to work out better ways to suit everyone's needs in order to help you to achieve what you desire. And if you feel you have encountered any difficulty in studies, I am the one you can always talk to and we will work out the solutions together. There is a Chinese saying states 'Make a gift of rose while your hands stay a lingering fragrance.' Helping others will always benefit yourself. As we move on to Year Two, things can get very challenging and it requires our collective intelligence and mutual collaboration to tackle those problems. And I hope with me as your academic representative, we can all harvest a fruitful year ahead!