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Andres Martin Diaz

Chemistry: Year Three Academic Representative

Hey guys! Andy here.

As you know I was the Year 2 Academic Rep last year and would love to keep working with you guys to improve Year 3! I am very active on the chat so I promise none of your comments will go unnoticed. I will do my best to contact staff and share their replies as soon as possible. Even if I'm not doing your specific course/modules/labs, I can still help you! Last year (with the mess that was MedChem organisation) I did my best to answer your queries and raise them to staff. I'll be even more proactive this year!

You can email me, text me, @me on the chat or just stop me if you spot me at uni!

This year I'm running with Francesca for joint Academic&Wellbeing Reps, so make sure you vote for her too!