Photo of Yuan Chen

Yuan Chen

Chemistry: Year Two Academic Representative

Hi! It is me, Ada again! I am standing for the 2nd year Academic Representative position.

As your Academic Year Rep last year, I organised study group sessions, collected your feedback and concerns and reported them to our academic staff. Working together with other members of the Student Staff Committee, we pushed for the re-establishment of January exams for second year as well as a more regular timetable. Through this experience, I realised how much impact a year rep can make to enhance our learning experience in Chemistry at Imperial. This year, I am dedicated to maximise the positive impact as a Year Rep to the fullest.

As the 2nd Year Rep, my main focus will be:

1) Fast feedback collection and reflection. Unavoidably, 2nd year is going to be more stressful and fast paced comparing to 1st year. As your Year Rep, I will make sure that any problems we encounter on our academic studies are spotted and resolved on time so everyone can be on top of their work.

2) Encourage active help-seeking. One problem that I noticed among students is that many people don't seek for assistance when facing issues in their study. This is mainly because that they are unsure of whom to go to for help. As your Year Rep, I will always direct you to the right person for help when needed.

2nd year is probably the toughest year for uni, but I will definitely try to make it your best year at Imperial!