Photo of Daniel Dalland

Daniel Dalland

Chemistry: Year Two Academic Representative

I am standing as an academic representative because I would want to make our experience of the second year as positive as possible. I want to make it easy for you to have your say about issues such as work-load, exams and lecture and lab courses and to make your voice heard.
Luckily, a lot has been done by the department to make our second year less stressful than it used to be. It will be a priority of mine to make sure that the changes work well and to follow up any complaints or proposals you may have.
In order to be as available as possible, I will be in the chemistry building and in Pippard as much as I can and answer promptly to any requests by email or facebook. In addition to this I will continue the great work of Ada and others last year and help organise a study group once every week. This will be a great arena for discussing course material and improvements to the academic experience, and hopefully to get to know each other better. Happy voting ?