Photo of Clare Xie

Clare Xie

Chemistry: Year Two Academic Representative

Hey there, I'm Clare and I'm standing for Year Two Academic Representative. We're all really fortunate to be studying in one of the best chemistry departments in the world, but I hope to make this experience even better for all of you.
We've all heard that 2nd year is notoriously stressful, but I think there's a lot we can do as a community to shape a memorable and positive experience for everyone. I hope by being your year rep I can become your voice. There have already been many positive changes in our department with the inclusion of more study spaces, therapy dog Roxy, and better timetable schedules. And I hope to help our department continue the good work by gathering your feedback and working with the staffs. My goal for end of this year is that everyone can proudly say that not only did I SURVIVED 2nd year, but I THRIVED!
Hope you'll vote for me! :) Cheers!