Photo of Orkid Ramekaj

Orkid Ramekaj

Aeronautics: Year Four Academic Representative

Hello all,

I hope after 3 aMaZiNg years on this course I have had the opportunity to meet you all by now, but if not, my name is Orkid Ramekaj and I'm running for 4th year Academic Representative.

So, why am I running?

In a desperate attempt to boost my embarrassingly empty cv? – No comment
To try and be as cool and indie as Antoine in sunflower patterned trouser? – ish
To annoy professors with endless emails when they inevitably f us over on coursework and exam? – somewhat

However, the main reason I am running for academic rep is because (despite the aforementioned ‘amazing’ course) I have generally had an amazing time at Imperial so far, largely being attributed to you guys and being surrounded by the Aero class of 2020 (and the couple of you in the class of 2021 x). So, this is my attempt to give back to your experience at Imperial and try and make your lives that much more enjoyable for your final year here.

That is why I aim to solve any issues you guys as a year might have, no matter how small or big. I will be active in my position, continuously available throughout the year (even during my FYP placement) and transparent along the process.

I hope you consider me for the position of Academic Rep and thank you.

Stay fly *delete* grounded,
Orkid Ramekaj