Photo of Wonwoo Choi

Wonwoo Choi

Aeronautics: Year One Academic Representative

Hello there! My name is Wonwoo and I hope to serve you guys as your 1st year Academic Representative.

I am originally from South Korea, but I’ve been living in London for the last three years. I have represented various groups throughout my whole life. Most recently, I was in charge of my school’s Engineering Club, where I had to negotiate with the school for things such as funds and regulations. During the Club sessions, I had to mediate between the school and the team to incorporate new ideas. Furthermore, as a prefect in sixth-form, I am used to helping others in need before they reach out for help. Overall, I have managed a very good relationship with both school staff and fellow pupils, and I would like to use my experience to help our year with studies and alleviate any other problems concerning academic performance.

In order to do so, here are some ideas that I would like to apply:

• Anonymous chatting service for academic problems
• Extensive discussions with lecturers to better suit our year’s learning style
• Organise projects and social events with other departments
• Organise an official study night when deadlines are close

I will endeavour to make these ideas to become a reality. If you have any ideas on how the department should change, feel free to speak to me and I’d love to incorporate your ideas.

I will do my best to represent your voices to the department.

Thank you very much for your vote!