Photo of Irene Saiz Briones

Irene Saiz Briones

Aeronautics: Year One Academic Representative

Hi! My name is Irene and I want to be your academic representative.
I want to be straight with you. I believe I am an approachable and open minded person, willing to talk, share ideas and receive feedback. My objectives are clear: I want to turn your thoughts and suggestions into positive change.
Throughout the year I will strive to avoid the clash between academic and personal life by trying to even out the workload during the week and not forcing us to work late. Looking at our timetables Tuesdays will be long and intense days but hopefully my involvement as your academic rep could avoid having too many days like these, so we can keep the rest of our lives in check.
Back in my school as head girl, I had to deal with different opinions which taught me how to comply with people´s expectations and accommodate their demands. I therefore believe I have the skills and experience to make a real difference.
I want to be rep so I can voice everyone’s opinion, so if you need anything you can come and talk to me, I won’t bite!
Thanks for your time!!