Photo of Leonie Stroemich

Leonie Stroemich

Graduate Students' Union: White City Officer

Hi everyone :)

I am Léonie, second year PhD student in the Department of Chemistry.
As such I have started in the department just before the big move from South Kensington to the Molecular Science Research Hub and know a bit about the challenges we faced right in the beginning and how things have evolved since.

I am also co-chairing the Chemistry PG committee and know my way around the department’s hierarchy and support structures. In this role I’ve been part of organising a range of social events within our department but being part of the White City campus there is more potential for a more encompassing campus life. With every new building opening up on our campus there is more space that can be used by the community of students, staff and residents. More concretely we want to finally be able to use the outside areas surrounding the MSRH and provide more well-being opportunities.

Our campus has a lot of challenges ahead but also big potential to develop into a collaborative state-of-the-art science hub which includes our well-being and social life. And I hope to get the chance to be a voice for our campus in the graduate school union.

Thanks for reading :)