Photo of Eoin O'Kane

Eoin O'Kane

Graduate Students' Union: Sponsorship Officer

Having been Chair of the Student Staff Council at my previous university, King's College London, I believe I have the skills and experiences necessary to best represent my fellow postgraduates at the GSU. I've worked with the CEO and Board to secure additional paid representative roles, commitments to improved transparency and better training for Union student staff. I achieved this through constant meetings with students across all three main campuses and surveying departments to build a water-tight case to ensure change at the highest level. Furthermore, through running two student clubs, working in Sales, and starting multiple businesses during my undergrad, I have a solid understanding of how to secure funding and attract the right kind of companies and benefactors. Imperial wouldn't be what it is without the plethora of activities and opportunities supported by the contributions sourced by GSU!

Having only been at Imperial for a few weeks now, I have thrown myself into every opportunity available, whether it be running the Tech, Media and Telecoms Club, being a student blogger and ambassador, or collaborating with the Enterprise Lab. Having such a wide range of roles allows me to interact with a far larger and more diverse group of students than otherwise, and I believe this allows me to truly understand the needs and wants of students.

Imperial has already had a significant impact on both my personal and professional life, and I'm keen to have a similar impact on Imperial's students in return!