Photo of Nnaemeka Anyamele

Nnaemeka Anyamele

City & Guilds Union: Guildsheet Editor

Hi. I'm Nemi (unless you are able to pronounce my name, I'm Nnaemeka), a 2nd Year Aeronautics student with a strong background in design, having designed, edited and distributed various documents (and other bits and pieces) for various groups and teams in my recent past; for example, one of my other current posts at Imperial is Publicity Officer for Imperial College Choir, so I already have experience dealing with a some of the things that I anticipate will pop up as part of the role of Guildsheet Editor.

At the end of the day, you write your bit and, independent of whether you are a seasoned writer or you aren't but just want to get your voice heard among the most important people in Imperial especially (yes, us engineers), I'll slap it in the Guidsheet, splosh a bit of colour here and there (maybe add a picture or two), and bish-bash-bosh we've kickstarted a bright career ahead for you in journalism/article writing (we can be good at other types of articles too you know, not just research articles!)... However, this [absolutely invaluable!] service can only be given to you if you vote for me, so do what's best (...or what just might very well be the only option...) and VOTE Nemi for Guildsheet Editor!