Photo of Champion Pongpaew

Champion Pongpaew

City & Guilds Union: Guildsheet Editor

Hi! I’m Vajiravidh but people know me as Champion, a first year in Electronics Engineering.

As a new member to Imperial and the City and Guilds College Union, I would like the opportunity to be the Guildsheet editor, to learn and improve skills in the editorial of the Guildsheet magazine. As first year, I wish to be involved in the City and Guilds College Union and to learn and explore more the nature and better understand the inner workings of the CGCU.

Primarily focusing on the Guildsheet, I would like to include more important information and also promote key events in the future editions of the Guildsheet to come. More on this, the Guildsheet can be made the announcement medium for things going on within the City and Guilds Union, in terms of articles from different departments, interviews with wonderful people, and putting clubs and societies into the spotlight. However, the Sheet can also include things far beyond the ordinary, you know what I mean. I will try to make more publications for the Guildsheet, hopefully on a more frequent regular basis, but this totally depends on the time and content.

Perhaps the message is clear. I’m a fresher, I’m willing to have a go at the Guildsheet. You can already tell, I’m hyped and enthusiastic about being part of it already. Obviously, I’m keen on contributing more to the CGCU than what I’ve told you. So no matter what, whatever you do, VOTE FOR ME!

“Keep The Sheet Fresh”