Photo of Aulia Rahmayanti

Aulia Rahmayanti

City & Guilds Union: Media and Marketing Officer

My name is Aulia and I’m in second year studying Chemical Engineering. I’m currently the interim Media and Marketing Officer for the CGCU, having joined late this summer.

As a Media and Marketing officer, I’ll be working to get the best of the CGCU to you - building the Union’s image, media presence and outreach to get engineers informed, involved and as active as possible. I have always had an interest in visual media, with proficiency in Photoshop and introductory knowledge of InDesign.

For the last two weeks, I was part of the team welcoming you to the new year: letting you know about the CGCU town hall, Welcome Dinner tickets (they were same-day sellouts!) and selling CGCU hoodies.

My goal this year is to spark more engagement by having at least bi-weekly updates on Facebook and Instagram, with a focus on engineering career opportunities, wellbeing and the changes being made by committee in office to improve student experience. I look forward to reporting on mascotry madness too (more to come soon!)

So vote me for Media and Marketing Officer, stay updated, stay tuned!