Photo of Katie Zhou

Katie Zhou

Yoga: Publicity Officer

Hi everyone!

I’m Katie, and I’m running to be publicity officer for your IC Yoga Club. I’m currently in my final year of medicine and have been coming to IC Yoga for three years now. Now that I’m in my last few terms of university, I thought I’d give just a little something back to the soc that I’ve had so much fun in and met so many people through! I’d love to be able to help out on committee and publicise it even more to students at IC, and share the joys of yoga

I’m running for publicity officer because I love the arts and graphic design, and have been designing many publications for various other societies. I look forwards to transforming the arts and image of IC Yoga to give it a fresh new look, and getting it up to date! But I still want to maintain its original identity though as the original, chilled out, friendly and welcoming society that it is.