Photo of Oliver Porteous

Oliver Porteous

TedX: Secretary

Last year, TEDxImperialCollege failed to run an event. But, for the past four months, I have been working on the new TEDxImperialCollege committee as Advisor to prepare for Imperial’s TEDx comeback.

However, working on preparations for TEDx’s big comeback event has made me realise the immensity of the task ahead. That’s why I’m running for Secretary: I want to have a more central role in the society so that we can be sure that the 2020 TEDx event is its biggest and best yet. I am keen to continue working on recruiting innovators and entrepreneurs for the event and improve TEDxImperialCollege’s outreach on campus. I hope to also develop a better relationship with, and encourage greater involvement from, our members so that the society has enough interest to continue running events in the future.

I hope that you consider voting for me as Secretary. Let’s bring Imperial it’s greatest TEDx event yet!