Photo of Leah Redmond

Leah Redmond

City & Guilds Union: Secretary

I'm Leah, a second year Molecular Bioengineer. Having been the CGCU Honorary Secretary since June, I have got a good feel for this role and learnt the many skills needed to execute it to a high standard. I’ve enjoyed both attending CGCU meetings where I’ve taken minutes and learning the complexities of the emailing system- I have prepared many emails for this year, the first of which you have already received. It would be an honour to continue using my newly acquired skills along with my enthusiasm for CGCU to benefit all members.

Changes I would like to make include:

- Introducing a fortnightly email introducing upcoming events and a general overview of what’s going on within committee

- Uploading all meeting minutes to the CGCU website for members to browse freely

- Increasing communication about services both CGCU based and college wide which I believe may be of use to members

I guarantee swift replies to all emails and that sensitive matters brought to my attention will be handled with the highest professionalism. I recognise being on the CGCU committee includes much more than carrying out just my own role; I will support all other committee members in their roles and all CGCU members (you!) in any way I can. Please approach me by email or in person if there’s ever anything I can help with - I love a good chat, so feel free to drop by the CGCU office whenever you fancy!