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Yu Chiang

GradMed (Medics): Treasurer

I am Francis, a second year medical student, and as the last cohort of GradMeds in ICSM, I would like to give something back to the family which has made my first year so enjoyable.

In my previous university, I was the music and marketing director of Chinese Society Variety Show. It was an enormous production, with a spending budget of around £10,000, and a cast of over 60 students involving in drama, music, dancing, theatrical effects and stage management. It was when an eye-opening experience when I had to ask for funding door-to-door in Chinatown, call and email previous sponsors to ask and thank for their continuous support, and manage the expenses to prevent money loss. And as most of you know, I am currently organising the first GradMeds 10 km run in February which will be a very meaningful event to fundraise for Cancer Research UK.

Key skills as a treasurer:
• Approving claims
• Securing funding
• Completing the budget
• Keeping track of spending and long-term goals

I am approachable, friendly and always willing to listen to any ideas/concerns/expectations you have. I believe my past experience accompanied with my flair for managing events, I am confident that I can assist in the running of the society.