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Dania Ahmed

Mechanical Engineering: Departmental Postgraduate Representative

Being an approachable person always eager to help and support the others, makes me a suitable person for this position. Having an experience of working in academia for a couple of years gives a good level of awareness of how to deal with problems encountered by the postgraduate students. This experience makes me confident that the postgraduates feedback always drives student-centred solutions which is improving both the experience of the postgraduate students and the department vision. Possessing very good leadership capabilities that well-developed in rigorous training periods in the Mandela Washington Fellowship and the practical experience as a team leader during that period, equipped me with the competencies required for this position. I am a motivated person who always working to make a positive impact and leave a distinguishable footprint.
As a departmental representative I will always:
1- Ensure that the voices of the postgraduate students in Mechanical Engineering are always heard and well communicated to the highest possible level.
2- Act always to improve the experience of the postgraduate student in Mechanical Engineering, not only academically but professionally and socially and makes it a remarkable experience for them.
3- Improve the level of cooperation and conveys the student feedback to maximize the benefit for the postgraduates.
4- Communicate with the other academic representatives and staff in the department to assure that postgraduates have a good academic environment and accessibility to all available resources.

Always be the voice of better change!
your vote is important :)
Dania Ahmed
PhD MechEng