Photo of Hari Singh

Hari Singh

Biology: Departmental Academic Representative

Unsupportive feedback, confusing content, lack of online learning resources, inconsistent grading, unreasonable deadlines and delayed responses from lecturers. Can any of you relate to these situations? Studying at Imperial can be challenging and as someone who has experienced some of these issues, I understand how detrimental they can be. If I were to be elected as our department’s academic representative, I would proactively pursue improvements to make studying at Imperial better and more enjoyable.

I would be committed to arranging meetings with year-reps to discuss any issues you are having in order to fully represent all year groups and relaying these issues to staff during student-staff meetings. By addressing problems with the appropriate staff, I can then update students on responses from staff via email. I believe this approach will offer a quick and efficient solution to any problem you are facing.

I will also be available via email to directly discuss any issues you are experiencing. I understand that discussing issues over email can be difficult and so I will also be happy to meet in person to talk about any problems.

I believe that I am the right candidate for this position, and I know I can make a positive impact on your academic experience. Thank you for taking time to read my manifesto.