Royal College of Science Union: Sponsorship & Alumni Officer


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Hey everyone, I'm Aishy a third year Maths Student and President of MathSoc (Imperial's Mathematics Society). During past couple of weeks you might have seen me helping out the RCSU by working at the freshers fair stall, carrying around parts of our mascot theta and screaming at the top of my (very small) lungs at the pub crawl! The point is, I am highly invested in the RCSU. In the past few years... read more
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Hi, I'm Milun/Millie and I'm second year Biology! I'd love to be RCSU's alumni and sponsor officer because I want to continue building our own RCSU alumni community and coordinate our efforts to get sponsors. I believe our alumni can offer students their insight about their Imperial experience, and in addition it will be a fantastic opportunity to help our members network. Equally, I think... read more
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