Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year Two Wellbeing Representative


Dear BMB people, as a Wellbeing Rep, I would be responsible for gathering feedback directly from you and giving it to the department. I am a reliable and trustworthy person, so I would always be available to report any issues anyone wants to point out. Moreover, I would be an active participant at Wellbeing Rep meetings and I would promptly update you on any relevant changes. I think that my affability and... read more
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I’m Chelsea Chen, and I’d like to run for Year 2 Wellbeing representative for one simple reason – to represent the students and raise any concerns they may have with regards to their wellbeing. Personally, being 6,736 miles away from home can sometimes be tough, financially, socially, academically, emotionally and physically. Being a part of the wellbeing network is much more than giving the feedback to the teaching... read more
This candidate did not supply a manifesto.
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Hi, my name is Aphrodite – but you all probably know me as Effie - and I am running for the position of our year’s Wellbeing Representative! We have all been at Imperial for a year now, and the life of a student can be a challenging one at times. Stress and pressure – both academic and in general – can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with it all alone. I’d therefore love to voice our views and concerns... read more