Materials: Year One Wellbeing Representative


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Hello, it's Emily Li running for your Materials Year One Wellbeing Rep! As a fresher like you, I’m also adjusting to this brand-new lifestyle, and admittedly, rather successfully so far. I relay much of this to my fortune of meeting such a supportive cohort like yourselves, thus throughout the year, I’d love to do everything within my power to maintain this bond as your representative voice. Prior experience... read more
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Mental health is something that is often overlooked, especially during challenging times such as the start of the year or exam times. Having had people close to me suffer from personal issues, social problems, or the burden of a workload that is too intensive, I have learnt to recognise the warning signs when it is happening. I have also seen first-hand how being well-adjusted, well-supported, and confident can make... read more
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