JMC: Year One Academic Representative


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You may ask, why me? As a maths academic rep back in my junior college days, I was able to deliver feedbacks from my classmates to maths tutor and update them with any progress I made with the tutor.
I'm Rahul , and I would like to stand as the JMC Year One Academic representative to ensure that both departments (Maths especially) keep in mind the best interests of all JMC students. There are several issues which the present cohort of JMC students face , including new syllabi , lack of communication between both the departments and lack of involvement with the Maths department. As the first year JMC... read more
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Being a JMC is intense. It should not be intense because we are missing a problem set or feel neglected from a department but because we are learning two hard disciplines in parallel. I think getting us sent the summer videos and problem sheets a few hours after we knew they existed stands testament to the care I give to our academic adventure – a care I am sure will only grow in this role and one which I will... read more