GradMed (Medics): Treasurer


I am Francis, a second year medical student, and as the last cohort of GradMeds in ICSM, I would like to give something back to the family which has made my first year so enjoyable. In my previous university, I was the music and marketing director of Chinese Society Variety Show. It was an enormous production, with a spending budget of around £10,000, and a cast of over 60 students involving in drama, music,... read more
Candidate photo
Hello! I’m Michael, a second year gradmed student running for treasurer. I am running for this position because I feel that my personal attributes, which include strong organisational, management and communication skills, will be able to shine through this role and help keep the society running smoothly. During my time at St George’s University of London, I assisted the rugby team’s treasurer in sorting out... read more