Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Year One Wellbeing Representative


This candidate did not supply a manifesto.
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We might not know each other yet, but hopefully that will change by the end of the year. My name is Nikolay (Nick for short) and I would love to be your wellbeing representative this year. Some people don't take this role seriously, but we all know how important health is. Being in great condition boosts your productivity, creativity, motivation and happiness. And with your help, my job this year will be to... read more
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Hello, my name’s Inigo. I’m a bilingual French speaker, a drummer, a dreadful athlete, and a self-professed lightweight. My two principal concerns are: coping with stress, and preserving the environment. I have a history of campaigning for sustainable policy, and I’m a person who feels the effects of stress regularly and physically; these are issues that are really personal to me, and which I’ll place my whole... read more